When was the last time you felt truly confident?

I’ve come to think of confidence as the quiet inner knowledge that we are capable. Problem is restarting my dreams after a twenty year hiatus left me feeling anything but capable. With a gap in my resume big enough to drive a truck through, I desperately needed to find my brave again. Who would take a chance on a fifty year old woman with a skill set straight from the 90’s? I took a chance on me. With a lifetime of experiences under my belt and a willingness to do hard things, I invested in that fifty year old woman and never looked back.


Like you, I’ve worn my share of hats. Wife, mom, educator, three time business owner for over three decades, advocate, caregiver, hopeless fitness junkie. The bigger my hat collection, the more overwhelmed I became and the less confident I felt. Turns out that confidence comes from discovering your unique purpose, getting prepared and moving forward with power! 


I made the big decision to stop merely living out my days and to start leading my life. No more excuses. I took one hundred percent responsibility for where I stood. Day by day, step by step I made purposeful decisions to grow and develop as the leader of my life. Today, I look back and I’m so proud of the woman who took those first brave steps on a journey filled with purpose and no finish line in sight. Her life has been forever transformed!


Today, I extend the invitation to you. Are you ready to take a step into your confidence? … to raise a brave hand and say, ”I’m ready to LEAD My Life!”


I’m here for you, let’s grow!

Leadership Coach & Speaker

I created LEAD My Life for YOU! I strongly believe that every woman has a leader within her, waiting to make an impact on her corner of the world. If you’re ready to live an exceptional life and to advance daily toward your dreams – come check out our community at LEAD My life. It’s time to grow the leader within you!